Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cilean SeaBass. An international fish everybody likes.

Chilean Seabass.An international fish everybody like.
Here I make a easy version of this wonderful fish.
Just pan seared with lemon grass,garlic,rosemary,
white wine and then some grape tomato.
A different version of "Pesce all' acqua pazza".
Then i add the whole grape tomato,salt ,pepper and a glass of good white wine.Cover it and bake it slowly for 15 minutes.
a wonderful tender fish with an explosion of light flavors.

People like Chilean seabass like no other fish.
I am really happy to see my guest enjoying this fish but in the same time its on the way of the extinction.
Now where start the responsibility of the chefs or restaurant business and guests don't abuse of it !
I see so many restaurant selling this fish like crazy !They build the menu around this fish,using it in many dishes in different ways just because it's trendy and easy to sell.

more information about chilean seabass and his story.

What you think about this fish?
What's your best version?